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My Experience with Compulsory Heterosexuality as a Lesbian

May 12, 2022 The boy seated next to me was polite, quiet, and he offered to share his notebook with me whenever I left mine at home. He was good company. The rest of the class seemed to think he was something otherwise. They’d shoot knowing glances whenever we’d work in desk partners, sing those […]

Feminist Tortillas

Growing up, I was taught to love food, from grocery shopping, cooking and eventually sharing the meal with family, food was how everyone came together. Going to the grocery store, my mom would search for the best avocados and tomatoes. I hated this part. If it were up to me, I’d pick the produce at […]

A Woman’s Blood

Menstrual art or “Menstrala” (a term coined by Vanessa Tiegs) is widely celebrated today (The Conversation). A piece that set the stage for Menstrala was Shigeko Kubota’s Vagina Painting in 1965. It was a performance piece in New York where Kubota painted with her vagina. The paintbrush was attached to her underwear in a way […]

about the tea

intersectional feminist blog. there’s tea for me and tea for you. super hot.


we’ll let you know when it’s that time of the month.

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